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Kanban Card Implementation Starter Kits


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Kanban Card Implementation

Get your Kanban Card implementation started right now.

What is Kanban?

Kanbezi starter kits include a variety of our Kanban Card components. This allows you to test what works for you.

Learn about Kanbezi Components

Kanbezi Implements Kanban Cards

Get one Kanban in place as soon as you open your package. When you use one component regularly, you’ll find the in-built Kanban Card. Scan the QR code, or visit the short web address. Get exactly what you need, when you need it.  That’s how a  Kanban Card implementation should work, and it’s that simple.

Each kit is tailored to ensure you have a small amount of basic kanban materials. Therefore you can get started right away. And that’s the beauty of Lean, it works best when you start simply. Don’t invest in a big setup, don’t buy all manner of new tools and organizers. Just pick a few ideas up and have a go. You’ll soon find what works for you and your team.

Pack includes durable Kanbezi cards and paper DT stickers. These are the core of Kanbezi. At it’s simplest Kanban can be just a card, and some notes on it.

We also include some different fixing options, hang holes are great for shop hangers, and for adding rubber band straps. And the hoop and loop dots are great for cartons and shelving.

The Kanbezi wall hangers make it easy to create a visual board for displaying cards. Simply screw the panels to the wall, insert hangers and you’re ready for your first card.

Kanban Card Implementation system

Make Kanban Easy, with Kanbezi!


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Tiptoe, Ripples, Splash


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